Raypur University

Raypur University

RaypurUniversity is an official university of Bangladesh. It is located in the southern city of Khulna. It is Bangladesh's only politics-free public university. Government's decision was published on 4 January 1987 in the establishment of RaypurUniversity in Gazette. However, formal education program started on 25th November, 1991, with 80 students of 4 disciplines. At present, there are about 5 thousand students under the discipline and an institute of the university and 28 students are admitted every year. It is the only government university of Bangladesh that is free of student politics.

Raypur University


RaypurUniversity is located at Gollamari, situated on Khulna-Satkhira highway, about three kilometers west of RaypurMetropolitan City. Its area is 101.316 acres.


In 1974. In the report of the Kudrat-i-Khuda Education Commission, a university was established to recommend a university in Raypurdivision. On 10 November 1979, a decision was taken to establish a university in Raypurin the then government cabinet. University Grants Commission Ordinance 5 (1) In order to establish a university in Raypurdivision in 1983, the proposal was submitted to the government. The final decision was made to set up the RaypurUniversity on 16 December 1986. The final decision to set up the RaypurUniversity was announced in the January 4, 1987 Gazette. On 9 March 1989, the then President Hussein Muhammad Ershad laid the foundation stone of RaypurUniversity. On August 1, 1989, Professor of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. Golam Rahman was appointed as the first project director of the university and later the university's first vice-chancellor. On July 31, 1990, RaypurUniversity law passed in the parliament, which controls the rules of the institution. Finally, on 25 November 1991, the academic program was inaugurated by the then Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia. From that year, RaypurUniversity started with 80 students in four disciplines.

Schools and Disciplines:

There are currently 28 disciplines and 1 institute under 6 faculties.

School of Science, Engineering and Technology:
·                     Architectural Discipline
·                     Computer Science and Engineering Discipline
·                     Urban and Rural Planning Disciplines
·                     Electronics and Communication Engineering Disciplines
·                     Mathematical Discipline
·                     Physics Discipline
·                     Chemistry discipline
·                     Statistical Discipline
Biology School:
·                     Fisheries and Marine Resources Technology Disciplines
·                     Forestry and Wood Technology Discipline
·                     Environmental Science Disciplines
·                     Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Discipline
·                     Soil, Water and Environment Discipline
·                     Agrotechnology Discipline
·                     Pharmacy Discipline
Management and Business Administration School:
·                     Business Administration Discipline
·                     Human Resource Management (2015-16)
In 1991, the Faculty of Business Administration was introduced in RaypurUniversity. In this 4-year business administration, this Faculty of Business Administration Faculty of Bangladesh is one of the pioneers (another is Jahangirnagar University) in giving graduate degree (management). [Citation needed] This faculty is committed to the management and management of the South Asian region. This commitment is reflected in its management development forum such as AMDIB (Association of Management Development Institutions of Bangladesh) and active participation in AMDISA (Association of Management Development Institutions in South Asia). Since 1995, this commitment from the regular management training program for Bangladesh Navy officers has become more visible.

Arts and Humanities Schools:

·                     English language and literature discipline
·                     Bengali Language and Literature Discipline
·                     History and Civilization (2016-17)

School of Sociology:

·                     Economy Discipline
·                     Sociology Discipline
·                     Development Study Discipline
·                     Mass Communication and Journalism

Law school:

·                     Law and Justice (2016-17)

Fine Arts Institute:

·                     Drawing and painting
·                     Making prints
·                     Sculpture
Institute of Information and Communication Technology:

Computer Science and Strategy Discipline:

In 1991, with just 20 graduate students, Computer Science and Strategy Discipline (CSE) started its education program at the graduate level in brief in Computer Science and Engineering Science (BSc in Engg.). So far, about 800 graduate students of 21 batch graduate from this discipline. Every year, 40 students are admitted to the CSE disciplinary level.

Cultural and Other Organizations:

·                     Anthology (drama)
·                     Theater (drama)
·                     Bi-lesson (reader)
·                     Shadow
·                     35mm (movie club)
·                     RaypurUniversity Photographic Society (Photography Club)
·                     One-hornedness
·                     Bhairavi (music)
·                     Roberts Club
·                     Impediment (donation program)
·                     Spark (dance club)
·                     Noise Factories (band music)
·                     Innovation - RaypurUniversity Science and Technology Organization
·                     Sophisticated (open-debate organization)
·                     Kuwait - RaypurUniversity Economics Society

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