There are five ways to keep everything secret online at all

There are five ways to keep everything secret online at all, Cloud Storage

With the cloud storage service, you can keep your data safely on the internet.

External or internal hard drive days are now finished. Now era Cloud Services Find out about the best 5 cloud services. Learn the good and bad aspects of your choice and the cloud service you prefer.

Now the most popular method of storing information is online cloud storage. The memory card or the computer's hard disk loss or loss can result in the loss of all your important data. So it's much safer to save online at Cloud Storage.

What is cloud storage?
Cloud storage is the way to upload and store user data on the server. Users have saved their pictures, songs, documents, and other files on the cloud storage of these files. These data are stored on the cloud storage company's servers and users can download and use them at any time.
There are various types of cloud storage companies that offer a number of services. No service is 100% free. Because there is a huge server to store a lot of user data, which can be online 24 hours a day. These companies have free plans, pro plans, gold, platinum and other plans. Considering all the good and bad aspects, today we write about the best 5 cloud storage services in the year 2019.

5. Dropbox

Dropbox is a cloud storage service that was launched in 2008. Dropbox offers different service plans for businessmen and students. It is a company that quickly becomes popular. First Dropbox was a startup that Y-Cabinets won the Startup Accelerator program and got a lot of funding.
Registration on Dropbox will allow any user to get 2 GB of free file storage. To keep the document 2 GB, but still have enough space for 2 GB if you want to keep pictures, songs, and videos. But this free space is only for 30 days. Pro account can be opened with $ 8.25 per month so that 1 terabyte space and other benefits such as remote wipe, password protection, and email support, more file sharing limit etc. There is also an enterprise-level solution for a business plan for 3 users and more big teams for $ 12.50 a month.

Good aspects:

  • Dropbox for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, All Divas.
  • Very easy to upload and share files.
  • Extending the storage limit to free up to 16 GB via referral.

Bad aspects:

  • There are no file share permissions for a free account.
  • Only 30 days of the free trial period.
  • Links to shared files sometimes do not work.

4. Microsoft One Drive

One Drive of Microsoft's online cloud storage platform. This is the service launched in 2007. Currently, One Drive is available in 107 languages.

5 GB free storage is provided in One Drive Free account. Then select the Camera Roll option of Windows Phone, then 5 GB is given. Microsoft Office 365 paid users receive 1 terabyte of free space. A sync folder is open for Windows users, and all files are copied to that folder and automatically uploaded to Drive.

One Drive has some plans for year or month basis. Office 365 Persona with 1D terrace free space for just $ 6.99 a month or $ 69.99 a year. The 5 terabyte plan for 5 users can be found at 9.99 dollars or 99.99 dollars a year. There is also a 50 GB storage plan of Rs 1.99 per month. There is a separate solution for enterprise level.

Good aspects:

  • There are software and apps for Windows, Windows Mobile, Mac, Android, iPhone devices.
  • 5 GB free storage is available.
  • It is easy to sync with the Microsoft account.

Bad aspects:

  • There is no file encryption.
  • Premium plans cost more.


3. Media fire

Media Fire is a very popular cloud storage service launched in 2006. Media Fire has around 43 million users and it can be used for all devices.

10 GB free storage is provided in Media Fire registration. This storage size can be increased up to 32 GB through friends' referral. Installing the mobile app is available for 1 GB free storage. Apart from connecting with Facebook and Twitter, the user will get more 2 GB storage free. The file can be downloaded and shared as much as you want. However, a maximum file size of 200 MB can be uploaded to the free account.

If you are not happy with it, then Pro and Business Plan. You can get only $ 3.75 a month, 1 terabyte storage, 20 GB file upload permissions, support, direct link, security and many benefits. Besides, the business plan is $ 40 a month.

Good aspects:

  • 10 GB Free File Hosting.
  • It is possible to extend up to 50 GB of free hosting.
  •  For all browsers, mobile and other devices.
  • The price of the upgrade plan is very low.

Bad aspects:

  • No more than 200 MB files can be uploaded to the free account.
  • Show ads in the free account.

2. Google Drive

Google Drive is the name of Google's cloud service online. All those who use Android phones or Gmail use this service without knowing or knowing it. When sending a large file to the email, it is saved in the folder of the drive. Google launched it in 2012 and in just a few years the number of users is 240 million. Google Drive is available in 68 languages all over the world.

15 GB of cloud storage is provided to Google Drive. All Google products such as Android, Forms, Sheets, and Blogger etc. are backed up to Google Drive. Besides, 100 GB for $ 1.99 a month, 1 terabyte for $ 9.99 a month and 10 terabytes of space for $ 99.99.

Good aspects:

  • Works with all Google services.
  • It is a lot easier to use.
  •  Free 15 GB storage.
  • Premium plan price is low.

Bad aspects:

  • Free space cannot be increased through referral.
  • Drag-and-drop file uploads are only for Google Chrome browsers.

1. Mega

Mega is a New Zealand-based cloud storage company. It was launched in 2013. Many do not know this because it is not so popular. Mega provides the highest security for your files. It uses file upload and downloads and ends encryption technology, so no one can see your file except you. Even the developers of the magicians do not.

The mega 50 GB free user storage is available. You can also upgrade the storage. You can get 200 GB of storage in a light pack and you can transfer 1 terabyte file only to 4.99 euros in a month.
Transferring 500 GB of storage and 2 terabytes of data to Pro One package only allows 9.99 euros. You can get 2 terabytes of storage in 19.99 euros in the pro-package and share 4 terabytes of files. In Pro 3 packages, you can transfer 4 terabytes of online storage and 8 terabytes in just 29.99 euros.

There are also some plans and enterprise-level solutions per year. Mega Google has an app for Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone. There are also clients for Mac, Windows PC, and Linux.

Good aspects:

  • 50 GB Free Storage Facility
  • User file security through end-to-end encryption technology.
  • There are clients for all devices and mobiles.
  •  Upgraded to a lower price
  •   Many upgrade plans.

Bad aspects:

  • There is no scope to increase free space.
  • There are no upload options through drag-and-drop.

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