Bangladesh is number eight on the Freelancing Economy Index

Bangladesh is number eight on the Freelancing Economy Index

In the second quarter of this year, the global trend of freelancing in April to June has been published by Payoneer, a popular online means of freelancers' money transactions. For the first time, the company has released the Global Gig Economy Index, where Bangladesh ranks eighth.

The gig economy defines that it is an environment where temporary jobs are high and different organizations will employ independent workers on short-term contracts. They give more importance to freelance professional freelancers than full-time employees.

Payoneer reports that the index of freelancing economy has been created by analyzing data from over 3 million freelancers, service providers and outsourcing professionals worldwide on their network. 

Research shows that service workers aged between six and seven earn more than employees of other age groups. With the interest of freelancing living among US professionals, the gig economy is growing and the online marketplace is expanding. Asia's freelancers' income has more than doubled this year compared to the same period last year.

Many well-educated IT professionals in Ukraine have popularized the country's outsourcing profession, and its economy has grown stronger. According to Pioneer's report, Bangladesh's growth this year is 20 percent higher than last year.

That is why Bangladesh is in eighth place. In the last one year, the highest growth in freelancing in the United States has been 5 percent. The UK is followed by 5 percent growth. Brazil's growth is 5 percent. Pakistan, Ukraine and the Philippines grew in one year. India is right at the top of Bangladesh with 20% growth. After Bangladesh, Russia with 20 percent growth and Serbia with 5 percent growth.

Economist Hossain Zillur Rahman commented that with the development of new technology, interest in such things as the gig economy is increasing. In the gig economy, you have to think about how compatible or sustainable the work is. The gig economy has begun in Bangladesh by the hands of freelancers. It is important to research the impact it will have.

Nahid Hassan, head of business development division of Bangladesh in Pioneer, said that according to the report, Bangladesh ranks among the top ten countries in the Global Gig Economy Index. The second quarter of the year has also been recognized as a freelancer hub in the world. In addition to the gig economy, many small entrepreneurs are selling products in the global market. Pioneers are cooperating in their work. As a developing market, Bangladesh is growing tremendously.

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