Tips to avoid storage hassle in iCloud

Tips to avoid storage hassle in iCloud


Tech giant Apple's cloud service offers free 5GB of storage on iCloud. It can store pictures, videos, notes, etc. online.

Recently everyone puts so much online that the storage is often full. Then you have to spend money to buy additional storage. If you use some strategies, users will get rid of the hassle of running out of storage.

This tutorial covers three strategies to get rid of iCloud storage hassle.

Before you know the tips, let's talk about storage.

To check the storage of iCloud you must first go to iCloud from Settings. Then go to 'storage' and go to 'manage storage'.

Removed old backups

ICloud's old backup erase storage can be easily added. In the long run, unnecessary pictures, notes, video files keep unnecessarily occupied.

Deleting these files can increase the storage of iCloud. Backups can be deleted by clicking on the 'delete backup' option from the backup of iCloud.

Change backup settings

The settings for file compression in iCloud can be determined from the settings. But there are automatically backup files of many files or apps. Many of which may not be needed.

So change the backup settings from iCloud settings as per the requirement. Then go from 'setting' to 'icloud'. Then you can decide from which item to do the iCloud version.

Use the alternative service in image version

Having more photos in iCloud eliminates storage faster. That is why alternative services like Google Photos, Flickr, Onebox etc. can be used to store pictures online.

This will relieve the hassle of fast storage of iCloud for photos.

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