Top 25 Web Sites to Learn Coding

Top 25 Web Sites to Learn Coding

Top 25 Web Sites to Learn Coding

Many of us spend a lot of time learning coding and many do a lot of chatting but do not practice. Nothing can be learned without practice. If this is the case, practice and learning are two simultaneously, practice and learning simultaneously. Likewise, I will present to you 20 web sites today, From these web sites you can easily learn HTML, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, SQL, XHTML, Bootstrap, C, C ++, Python, Ruby, Android Development, Java and many more.

One of the best web sites I have visited to learn is Code Academy ... this is the place from where the perfect place for a beginner. From the very beginning, when a person is frustrated, where to start, How to do it, you can easily start from here. From here you can master the basics of Web Base very well.

Another place you can easily learn from is UDAC. There are video tutorials available most of the time, and above them there are 2-5 minute quizzes. From here you will find good tutorials on Computer Science, Web Application Engineering, Software Testing, Web Development, HTML5, Python, Java, Computer Science, Algorithm.

This is the best for learning Android development. Learn from those who made this Android. Here you will find everything from basic to advanced. And you'll also find how to make your apps ready for the Play Store.

It's called Google's Python Class. It's totally free.

Here you will find many free courses. Here you will find many good tutorials on Computer Science. From here you can learn very well about Computer architecture, Programming languages, C ++ for C programming, Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Cryptography… etc.

Websites                        What You Will Learn                       Basics of JavaScript programming, Python, Hopscotch etc.
7.W3Schools                   HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript,  jQuery, Bootstrap.
8.Thenewboston             HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Java, Python, PHP, App Development,                                        Android Development, C Programming.
9.MIT OpenCourseWare      Electrical engineering and computer science in MIT’s                                                              OpenCourseWare collection
10.Khan Academy        Everything what you here
11.Webmonkey              HTML5, Ajax, CSS3, APIs, Javascript etc.
12.CodeAvengers          HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Python etc.
13.Codeschool                HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, iOS
14.TeamTreeHouse       HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, iOS, Android, Python…
15.Html5Rocks              HTML5/CSS
16.Sqlzoo                         SQL
17.EDX                            Computer Science, Java
18. TheCodePlayer         HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Jquery
19.LearnPythonTheHardWay         Python
20. SkillCrush               HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Python …more
21.TutsPlus                    WordPress, Plugin Development, Webdesigning, Other Coding tutorials
22.CodeCombat            Play to learn code
23.Coderdojo                 HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
24.LearnLayout            Advanced CSS
25.Dash                          HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

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